A: To put it bluntly, we aren’t your ‘Average Joe’s neighborhood lawn service’.  We use commercial 36″ mowers, commercial trimmers and blowers.  Depending on your property, we also have smaller and larger mowers.  We use state-of-the-art scheduling software for our crews as well as  having a merchant business account for our billing software (Level 1 PCI compliant).

A: Our billing is simple! Your Debit/Credit card or ACH  is automatically billed on Monday’s according to the service you select.  You’ll be billed 1 week prior to your scheduled mowing week.  The reason we advance bill is because we understand cards get lost, stolen, expire, or you just want to update a card with us and we can make changes without interruption of service/without letting your lawn get overgrown.  At this time we do not accept cash, checks or any other forms of payment. There are no hidden fee’s or charges.  For all one time mows, we only accept debit/credit and  your card will be billed prior to service.

A: Our lawn service does not include weeding flower beds, leaf removal, trim hedges/shrubs,  trimming weeds in driveway cracks, remove pet waste, fertilize, branch or stick removal or mowing/trimming in areas that generally aren’t mowed because there isn’t any grass.  Our service consists of mowing your lawn, trimming areas where the mowers couldn’t fit (around light poles, fences, etc), blowing off all hard surfaces to remove grass clippings and maintaining the current edge on your driveway and/or sidewalk.  If there isn’t a current edge, we can create one for you for an additional cost and maintain it after.  All additional services can be scheduled and we can provide a free quote for you.  Please remember we are at your property to mow your lawn.  If you would like leaf removal, shrub trimming or any other services, we would be more than happy to provide you a free quote.

A: We do not offer refunds once you have been billed or mowed.  Due to the current condition of your lawn, reserving a slot on our schedule for you, processing, and routing onto our routes, we consider you a customer when you have been billed.  The first few mowings are always the hardest for us as we try to get a feel for your property and in some cases, get your lawn back to a healthy height.  If by chance we missed something, please let us know and we’ll be happy to come back and fix it!  In the event of extreme weather/rain/flooding, we do our best to get your lawn caught up.  In the rare case that we can’t get caught up, and have to skip a week, we will spend extra time on the next cut getting your lawn back into shape (of course at no extra charge, and may involve bagging the clippings).  Unfortunately we don’t offer refunds due to mother nature or once you have been billed and/or mowed.

A: We can handle lawns up to 6″.  An easy way to determine if your lawn is overgrown and over 6″ is to see if your lawn is taller than 2″ above your ankle and consistent throughout the whole lawn.  We can, of course, mow your lawn if only a few spots are at or over 6″.  Upon arrival, if your entire lawn is consistently over our 6″ limit, your lawn will be skipped and your service will be canceled.  While we would love to mow your lawn, we can’t mow overgrown lawns.

The picture below on the left is well over our 6″ limit.

The picture on the right is a little on the taller side of 6″, but we can still mow your lawn.  However, you will notice clumps and strands of uncut grass may be left behind.  This should even out on the 2nd mowing.

A: Clippings (also known as “clumps”) left on the lawn indicate your lawn was overgrown when we mowed, but not quite at our 6″ limit. This will even out after a few mowings until we can get the lawn back to a normal healthy height.  The clumps are caused by the mowers not being able to process the height of the grass.  Please note we maintain all lawns at 3.5″.  We don’t use bags or bag the clippings, as the clippings are nutrients added back into the lawn. Clippings decompose and release much needed nitrogen back into your lawn to keep it looking green.  If you are on a biweekly schedule and notice after each mowing that clumps are still being left behind, the best solution would be to switch to a weekly schedule.   For the Spring season (Until July), we strongly suggest a weekly mowing frequency.   If you use fertilizers, we strongly suggest weekly mowings.


Above are ‘clumps’ most often seen after mowing overgrown lawns

A: We strongly suggest weekly service, as it is a standard for Maryland turf grass. With biweekly mowing (every other week), your lawn has a strong potential of leaving clumps and uncut strands of grass left behind because it is too much for our mowers to process. After our crews leave clumps, we tend to get complaints, which could easily be fixed by switching to a weekly mowing schedule. We like to follow the 1/3rd rule…where it’s best to cut only 1/3rd of the length of grass. If you use fertilizers, water frequently, or sign up in the Spring time before July, we strongly suggest weekly mowing to prevent negative effects to your fertilizers and clumps left behind.  As a general rule to follow, biweekly mowing is more so meant for those who don’t mind the way their lawn looks and are just looking to have it mowed.


Above are clumps that are most often seen with biweekly mowing and first mowings where the lawn is overgrown

A: For biweekly service, we require lawns to be cut so they stay at optimum conditions. Therefore we can not skip your mowing. For weekly service, if you prefer to go from weekly to biweekly, please contact us so we can change your rate and schedule.  We do not allow suspending service because of scheduling purposes and because we allocate a slot for you on our schedule.  If you would like to be skipped, please note no refunds can be issued.

A:  For the start of our season, we begin just about the time your lawn will start to grow.  Usually this is late March or early April.  We will send out emails prior to the start of the season letting you know we will be mowing soon.  Our season ends the last week of November.

A: We do not require contracts for our service, however, we do have a 6  mowing minimum.  We do not accept cancelations before/after the first mowing, our 6 mowing minimum is based on 6 mowings at the regular price and does not include promotional free mowings.   In the event you want to cancel, just send us an email and we will finish out the last mowing that was charged. After the mowing year is over at the end of November, we consider you a customer for the next year.  An email will be sent to you to remind you prior to next years mowing season with an anticipated start date.  Our season starts around the end of March/early April and ends the last week of November.  To cancel at the end of the year, all cancelations must be sent in prior to October 31st.  Unfortunately, we don’t accept cancelations in November.

A: At this time we would not be able to mow your property.  In order for us to mow, we require the lock to stay off your fence at all times during the mowing season.

A: We do not guarantee days or times and unfortunately can’t notify you before we arrive. Our schedule is based on mother nature, when we are in the area, breakdowns, employees, etc.  Sometimes our schedule changes last minute, therefore it would be impossible for us to know exactly when we’ll be at your property.  Once your service request is sent in, we route you when we are in that area.  Our mowing days are Monday-Friday, and we reserve Saturday and Sunday as our “catch up” days incase of rain or other unexpected delays.  You should expect to see our crew between the hours of 8am and 6pm within 3 days of when your order is processed.  We always suggest after signing up to mark your calendar so you’ll know when to expect us next.  A general guideline is to see what day your lawn tech performs the 2nd and 3rd mowing.  This day will usually be the day of the week we will mow your lawn. In the event of extreme weather/rain/flooding, we do our best to get your lawn caught up.  In the rare case that we can’t get caught up, and have to skip a week, we will spend extra time on the next cut getting your lawn back into shape (of course at no extra charge and sometimes including bagging the clippings).  Unfortunately we don’t offer refunds due to mother nature.

A: Please send an email to customerservice@mdlawnguys.com right away. Please keep in mind that grass grows, so time is not on our side. In most cases, we handle issues within 24 hours.  If there was something we may have missed, we’ll be glad to come back and fix it.

A: Don’t panic!  We’ll be happy to come back and fix it.  Each year we mow thousands of lawns, and while some properties are easy to figure out, others are not.  We do the best we can to figure out your property lines, but occasionally we do mess up. If by chance this happens, please email us atcustomerservice@mdlawnguys.com so we can determine your property lines and send your lawn tech back to complete it.

A: Of course! We will stop by your property to get a quote for you. Just send us an email customerservice@mdlawnguys.com with your name and address. We will email you a quote within 1 business day. At this time we do not discount townhouses with only a front or back yard.

A: If the majority of your yard is heavily wooded, please contact us at customerservice@mdlawnguys.com  In order to get you an accurate price, we will have to go to your property and get a square footage. We do not consider flower beds, a few trees, or shrubs as heavily wooded. If you have a swimming pool, we do our best to keep clippings out of the pool. It is nearly impossible to keep your pool clipping free, and we take extra time to limit the clippings as much as possible. Therefore, there is no price change for pool owners.

A: Of course! Just send us an email and we will change your account for you.  customerservice@mdlawnguys.com

A: All of our mowers are set at a fixed height of 3.5″. The standard for Maryland lawns is around and 3.5″. In order to keep a healthy looking lawn, we can not change the setting.


Mowing height for Maryland turf as suggest by the Maryland Department Of Agriculture


More from the MDA: By mowing to a height of 3″ to 3.5″, broadleaf weeds can be reduced by 50% to 80% compared to turf mowed at a 2″ height. Taller grass results in roots that are healthier and taller grass stays greener in the summer.

A: Large items are left in place. If we can get a trimmer or mower in the area, we will do our best. The most important thing is we do not want to damage your items. Any small items like kids toys will be moved before mowing. We try our best to pick everything up, but on occasion may miss something. We are not held liable for any toys or small items damaged if ran over by one of our mowers. Our prices reflect an average flat yard with very little to no debris/toys and pet waste. Please note, you may be subject to a price increase if there is too many items/pet waste in your lawn.  We will notify you before any charges are applied.

A: For our crew’s saftey and your pet’s safety, we ask that all pets be inside when our mowing crew arrives.   We can not be held responsible for your pets.   In the event our crew arrives and your pet is outside, we will attempt to knock on your door.  If there is no answer, we will mow the portion where your pet isn’t kept and mow the remainder on the next mowing.  For example, if your pet is kept in the back yard, we will mow the front.  Please note excess pet waste is subject to a price increase.

A: Please notify us immediately so we can investigate the issue. Please note we are not held liable for any toys or small items damaged if ran over by one of our mowers. While we do our best to avoid any damage, sometimes accidents may occur. To help us prevent damage, please ensure the lawn is debris free and any broken drain covers, cable boxes, and/or  broken sprinkler heads are properly marked for us to see.  Sometimes we come across wires (cable, etc) on the outside of a house.   Building code requires all cables/wires to be in a protected casing if outside your house.   Please ensure this is done, as we are not held responsible for them if they get snapped.  If you decide to select a biweekly mowing, the high grass growth increases risk to damaged property because we have a harder time seeing items in the lawn.

A: No, we don’t. Any Lawn Tech who shows up at your house is an employee of Maryland Lawn Guys.  We do a strict screening of all employees during the hiring process.

Our Ocean City/Ocean Pines special is a flat rate $26 per week or $31 every other week.  Prices are subject to change and are based on the total property size.  Generally, most properties fit into this category, however, some do not.  In the event your property is too large or too many obstacles, we will contact you prior to mowing with an updated price.

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