Other Services Offered

Looking for some extra work done?  Just follow these 3 easy steps!

  1. Take pictures of your desired project and email it to us.  customerservice@mdlawnguys.com
  2. We’ll email you back within 24 hours with a ballpark estimated price
  3.  If it’s what you had in mind, we will stop by and get an exact quote for you.

There’s no need to schedule an appointment or wait around all day waiting for us to show up.  We make it simple…just like it should be.


Spring/Fall Clean Up’s

This is by far the most important service! Get your lawn and flower beds ready for summer and winter! Each season requires different services to your lawn, but both clean ups include cleaning out your flower beds of weeds and debris, re-edging your flower beds, and adding mulch if needed. We also offer leaf removal! We offer complete removal, raking to your curbside, or curbside pick up.

**PG County requires yard debris to be in brown paper bags. If you want to use plastic bags and have us dispose of it, we can do this. Just ask us for a quote.


These steps are very important to keeping a healthy lawn. Dethatching removes the dead grass stems from the surface to allow oxygen and nutrients to the soil. Aeration is perfect for getting oxygen and nutrients/fertilizers to the base of the roots to make your lawns grow full and thick. Along with aerating, we can also seed for you.


Mulch is a great way to keep your gardens growing great! It holds the water in and keeps your plants growing strong and healthy while slowing down weed growth. We can provide you with Brown, Black, or Red mulch.

Sidewalk/Driveway Edging

Edging your lawn where it meets the sidewalk can give it that nice clean look! We use a stick edger (NOT a string trimmer, the final outcome is much better). You’ll be the talk on your street when your neighbors see how great it is! Some lawn service companies “include” edging in your service and they charge you accordingly for it. There is no need to pay for it during every service when it doesn’t need to be done! Once a month should be sufficient enough.

Flower Bed Weeding

Are those pesky weeds growing like crazy? Are they hard to manage? Let us take care of it!

Shrub/Hedge Trimming & Removal

You will notice a BIG difference just by “taking a little off the top”. We take great pride in the quality and time that is put into our shrub/hedge trimming.

Patch Repair

Patch repair on your lawn can be as simple as a few dirt spots or those pesky burn spots from your family dog. Larger spots can be filled in with sod if needed. We use only top quality products to ensure the job is done right the first time!

Debris Removal

Have left over landscape debris? Grass clippings or shrub trimmings taking up too much room? Contact us for a free quote to haul it away for you! We can accept plastic bags as well as brown paper bags.

***At this time we are not certified to apply fertilizers or trim trees.

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