Monthly Flower Bed Weeding

How great would it be to never weed your flower bed again?

Our monthly flower bed weeding program keeps your flower beds weed free for a low monthly cost. This service is perfect for any homeowner who doesn’t have the time to keep up with their weeding. Did you know it’s also cheaper to have us pull them monthly rather than pay to have them pulled once or twice a year? Best of all… Prices start out at just $20 for the month!
So how does it work?

When we arrive for your quote, you will get an initial cost for the **first clean up, then the cost for us to show up once a month. We’ll leave your free quote along with our credit card authorization form in your front door. If you like the quote, mail it back along with the credit card authorization form and we’ll be ready to begin! All prices are guaranteed and valid for 2 weeks.
When your new service begins, our techs will arrive at your home once a month and pull tall weeds/spray small weeds from your flower beds. They will also spray organic plant food onto select plants as needed. Use the contact form below to get started!

**During the initial first clean up, we allot 1 hour of clean up to get the beds back in shape, so it would mean the beds would have to regularly be maintained. If your flower beds have not been maintained (meaning they have not been weeded in the last month or two) and are filled with weeds, please contact us about a price to clean it up before filling out the form below.  After the initial clean up, you will notice weeds left over.  Not to worry though!  They have been sprayed and will wilt and die off in no time.  Usually after the 2nd service is when all the weeds disappear.  We prefer the sprays over hand pulling because the sprays reach the root of the weed every time.

Pro Tip:  To save some money, you can do the initial clean up yourself, then sign up for the monthly service!

Another Pro Tip: Mulch in your flower beds is not only a great look, it is also beneficial for weed control as well as keeping moisture on plants and shrubs to help them thrive.

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